Installation manual and usage instructions

Step 1 – connecting the LED to the hub

1a – Use a Torx T6 screwdriver to remove the two screws on the back of the LEGO® SPIKEPrime ultrasonic sensor. Then remove the white part.

1b – Insert the brickobotik shield and screw the Torx T6 screws back in.

Step 2 – getting the brickobotik library

2a – Open Google Chrome Browser on your PC or Laptop.

2b – Connect the LEGO® SPIKE Prime to the USB port of your device.

2c – If the LEGO® Education SPIKEapplication is running on your device, please close it.

2d – Use the brickobotik library tool to download our library onto your hub.

Step 3 – using the brickobotik shield

3a – In the LEGO® Education SPIKEApp use python for writing your program. You can now use all of the LED’s features as documented in the API below.

This shield’s source API

brickobotik shield: LED x2 actuator

    In order to use the LED you have to initialize it first.


        from brickobotik import LED

        # initializing the LED at port A
        my_led = LED(‚A‘)


on(brightness = 100, duration = 0.0)

    Turns on the LED with a specified brightness for a specified
    duration. If the duration is 0.0 or not specified, the LED
    will stay activated until it receives another command or the
    program ends.


        # turn on the LED with the default brightness 100


blink(brightness = 100, interval = 1.0, repetitions = 1)

    Turns the LED on and off repeatedly.


        # blink three times for two seconds with brightness 50%
        my_led.blink(50, 2.0, 3)


fade(from_brightness = 100, to_brightness = 0, duration = 1.0)

    Smoothly transitions the brightness of the LED from one level
    to another.


        # dim the light from 100% brightness to 50% within one
        # second
        my_led.fade(100, 50, 1.0)



    Turns off the LED.


        # do something