Installation manual and usage instructions

Step 1 – connecting the changeover reed switch to the hub

1a – Use a Torx T6 screwdriver to remove the two screws on the back of the LEGO® SPIKEPrime ultrasonic sensor. Then remove the white part.

1b – Insert the brickobotik shield and screw the Torx T6 screws back in.

Step 2 – getting the brickobotik library

2a – Open Google Chrome Browser on your PC or Laptop.

2b – Connect the LEGO® SPIKE Prime to the USB port of your device.

2c – If the LEGO® Education SPIKEapplication is running on your device, please close it.

2d – Use the brickobotik library tool to download our library onto your hub.

Step 3 – using the brickobotik shield

3a – In the LEGO® Education SPIKEApp use python for writing your program. You can now use all of the changeover reed switch’s features as documented in the API below.

This shield’s source API

intbrickobotik shield: changeover reed switch

    In order to use the changeover reed switch you have to initialize it


        from brickobotik import ChangeoverReedSwitch

        # initializing the changeover reed switch at port A
        my_switch = ChangeoverReedSwitch(‚A‘)


int get_state()

    Provides the current state of the magnetic switch.
    Returns 1 if the last detected magnetic pole was a north pole and
    0 if it was a south pole.


        if my_switch.get_state() == 1:
            print(‚State of switch: N‘)
            print(‚State of switch: S‘)


bool was_facing(orientation)

    Returns True if orientation matches the orientation of the magnetic
    field detected most recently, else False.
    The parameter orientation has to be one of the values ‚NORTH‘, ‚N‘,
    1, ‚SOUTH‘, ‚S‘, 0.


        if my_switch.was_facing(‚SOUTH‘):
            print(‚South pole detected recently!‘)


int wait_for_new_orientation()

    The program waits until the switch changes its state and then
    returns the new state in the same manner as get_state().


        # do something, for example, start a motor

        # do something, for example, stop a motor